Appointment is set!

I did it! Are you so proud? I made an appointment with my gyn to talk about endo and hopefully get this LAP business underway.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Apparently everyone and her grandma is trying to get in for their annuals, and this doctor's office is already generally busy. The soonest I could get in was the 19th, and it's in the middle of the dang day. It's also with a different doctor who I've never seen (I don't think - there are 3 in the practice and I've seen 2), but the receptionist said he was, "Exceptional." So I guess that's good. Whatever, as long as he orders me my LAP!!

Okay, I'm gonna go start my weekend now. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs so far! Hooray for Friday night!


Steph O. said...

WooHoo! Good girl!

How's the wine? ;)

Caitlin said...

I'm glad you got your appointment scheduled! Hopefully you can get some answers really soon. Have a great weekend Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! We have an appt !!!

M said...

I AM proud of you Kitty! ((HUGS))

Allison said...

Way to go, Kitty!