Let me entertain me

I really want to get me a hobby, but I have a hard time sticking to things.

Example 1: I like to knit, but currently have a half-finished scarf that I started last year, sitting in hubs' closet. The best part is it's made out of the yarn from ANOTHER half-finished scarf that I started like 3 years ago. P.S. I don't know how to knit anything besides scarves.

Example 2: I have an Et.sy site set up for the wonderful side business I planned to start - designing custom invitations. I designed 2 invitations and never got around to pricing out the printing costs. Hence, I couldn't come up with MY prices, and therefore my would-be side business has gone by the wayside.

I think my problem is that I'm impatient. I get excited about the finished product but I lose patience for the tedious parts of the journey. And I think I could be more patient if I got myself more organized and set goals for myself.

Really I just want to do something fun to keep my mind occupied, I don't want it to be WORK. But what's the point of creating 500 scarves or pretty invitations that will never be used? I need to figure out something I can do to entertain myself (and maybe even hone a skill), but that won't add clutter to my house.

Other stuff I like to do: Take photos, draw, decorate cakes, play with Photoshop, sing and play the piano (but my piano is at my parents' house), write, and plan parties of course! Maybe I should just pick something each day to try out and see what I like.


Caitlin said...

Taking photos and photoshop go pretty well together! Maybe work on your photos and frame them. You could create beautiful works if you keep at it! :)

I hear ya though...I used to scrapbook all of the time. I have collected so many crafts and scraps of useless junk and it clutters up our house. lol I can't even remember the last time I scrapbooked...I think last year as a project for my grandma. Oye vey.

E said...

Hehe, I have many crafting projects unfinished. I have at least 2 quilts that I know of that are unfinished. I will start something and then lose interest but eventually I always go back.

Maybe you need a new toy? Lol.

elephantscanremember said...

I am exactly the same way! I hesitate to start anything because I know I won't finish it.

What about jewelry making? Do you have Hobby Lobby nearby? It's possible the greatest store on Earth!

Steph O. said...

I so LOVE Ho.bby Lo.bby! DH puts me on time limits & budgets whenever I go in!

Umm, what about scrap booking? If you like photo shop, you may like the websites where you add your pics, design the whole pg on the computer, then print it out.

I have too many hobbies & end up with a bunch all going at the same time.

I didn't know you were a fellow pianist! :)

Allison said...

You and me both, sister.... sigh. I'm completely ADD when it comes to hobbies.

Good luck trying stuff out!!