I'm a tad nervous. Hubs works for a big bank that was taken over by another big bank last year. The actual changeover is finally about to take place after the first of the year. The positions in the "new" bank don't align very well with those in the "old" one, so hubs's job title is going to change. He'll either be placed in a position that's kind of like half a step above his current position (most likely with the same pay), or a BIG step down (with a huge pay cut), and he finds out today which it'll be. He's pretty confident he'll end up in the higher ranking position, but I'm preparing myself for the worst. I can't help it, I figure if I don't expect too much I won't be too let down. And I can get ready for trying to figure out how the heck we'll pay our bills if we're bringing home a lot less money. He goes in to find out at 11:00 so I guess I'll know soon enough.

My appt with the gyn is Monday afternoon. I can't believe how fast those few weeks went by, seems like I just made the appointment a few days ago! I'm excited that we're at least TRYING to take a step closer to that BFP, but I'm nervous too. I have all these "what ifs" floating around in my head. What if the doctor won't order the lap? What if the insurance company denies me? What if they don't find endo? What if they do? What if the surgery doesn't 'work'? Sigh. I know, I just have to take it one step at a time. Step one: Go to the gyn. I think I'd drive myself a lot less crazy if I could just make my brain shut up once in a while! :)

In happier news, the game last night was really fun!! Too bad the Dodgers lost :( But at least they kept it interesting. We had really good seats right behind home plate so I got to ogle my boyfriend Russell Martin's booty the whole time! (Just kidding, hubs! ...Kind of.) And I gotta say, playoff games are FUN! Everyone in our section would high-five each other whenever the Dodgers got a hit, we were all chatting together, there was so much more comeraderie than at a regular game. I loved it!

We don't really have big plans for this weekend. Hubs has been working every Saturday for the past several weeks but he's off tomorrow, so I'm super happy about that. We'll probably just be working on the house, hanging out with some friends, and watching football on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous after all the rain this week, I think I'll have to plan on being outside for a while!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday :)


Jen said...

Hey Kitty! Just wanted to say good luck today for your husband with his job news - I hope for only the best!!! ((((HUGS)))) Jen (NervousBride)

Anonymous said...

I hope Hubs comes home with good news! I know I get nervous when my DH has big changes at work too. I hope that BFP is coming soon for you!

Have a great weekend.

elephantscanremember said...

I hope he gets great news. (Hugs)

It's easier said than done, but try not to worry about the "what if this/that" it doesn't do you any good.

I can't wait to hear about your upcoming bfp! Maybe we can go through pregnancy together.

E said...

I hope your hubs gets the better position with more pay!

Both of you are bank employees huh? Do either of you ever come home ranting and raving about work? I know I used to! I worked as a teller, head teller, and customer service representative/loan assistant for 5 years. Ugg. It can be very stressful at times.

I'm glad you had fun at the game and got to check out your boyfriends's butt the whole time! lol.

It is hard to not worry about the "what ifs" all you can do is take one step at a time toward your goal.

Happy Friday!