I hate insurance

Well, it looks like we might be shit outta luck for IF coverage through work.

The PPO option at hubs' work is the only one that covers something for IF treatment - $10K for IUI. No drugs whatsoever. No IVF. Seriously?? How can you even spend $10K on IUIs alone? Isn't it usually between $300 and $800 per cycle, without drugs? Plus, that plan costs about $500 per month! Ouch! I might as well pay out of pocket.

Not a single one of the three options through my work covers IF treatments at all. Some have coverage for infertility testing and diagnosis though. What do you think about that? I honestly don't know what else I could be tested for. I'm sure there are many things, but I don't know what.

Does your insurance cover any IF testing and/or treatments? Any idea what I should look for in a plan? We're also looking into buying our own health insurance but I have a feeling that's going to be either really limited or really expensive.

This is no fun at all!


Lookingforaplussign said...

I am struggling with this right now. Certain states will pay for IVF and other infertility stuff; not my state, though, and from what it sounds like, not yours, either. I am sorry.

My insurance company specifically states that they will not cover anything IF related...no blood tests, no ultrasound, NADA. I think I am screwed because my OB coded a blood test for IF--I'm now officialy blackballed or labeled an IF'er as far as insurance goes.

I'm not telling you to lie; maybe instead of IF, you might ask your OB to code all your tests as mid-cycle bleeding issues, painful periods, etc., rather than IF. I feel like the term IF is now on my permanent record, and unless I plan to move to, oh, Illinois, all tests that could be construed as IF will be flagged.

Yes, insurance sucks, and worse is dealing with the idiots on the 1800 numbers about any of this.

E said...

That sucks sooooo bad. It is not fair that insurance companies can play dictators. It is bullshit.

I will never forget when I started my job at the bank years ago I had to wait 3 months for insurance. By the time I got it, I was going through my first LEEP. Well, it a preexisting condition and my insurance would not cover it. Assholes. I was a single mom with my own house. It took my a year to pay that crap off.

I don't know what kind of IF testing you have had done but it usually consists of blood work for you, SA for him, HSG, Lap, and ultrasound. That is usually the standard. If you find a GYN that specializes in fertility as well it will be a whole lot cheaper than going to RE. My first RE visit was 330.00. Crazy huh? Once you get all those tests done they would probably go ahead and suggest ART anyway. I know Clomid is very cheap. I don't know if that is something you would want to try? It does work for some people.

Your only other option is find another job with better coverage (if there are any out there.)

Misty Dawn said...

Its very easy to spend that much on IUI's....they u/s's alone are $430 each(about 4-6 per C), IUI $250 each (b2b $500), Sperm wash $200. Your insurance may say they don't cover meds, but offer discounts for the meds. Your coverage is still better than mine. LOL Hey it may not take you that many meds to stim multiple eggs. Try not to freak out yet (((HUGS)))

Caitlin said...

My insurance covers zilch in the way of diagnosis AND treatment. Bastards.

DH and I are sitting on a mountain of debt right now and we haven't even tried ART yet. If you haven't already had all the testing done, I would at least opt for the insurance that covers diagnosis.

I'm so sorry you have to go through this insurance crap, too. It just doesn't seem fair that they will cover shit like Via.gra but not IF. (((HUGS)))

Christina said...

My insurance paid only for the diagnosis of IF and not for any treatment, period. No drugs, IUI or IVF. I have Aetna HMO if that's any help.