December 10th. I know it's kind of far away but I'm going to be SUPER busy with work all of November. I'm going to miss TTC the month of December too because of that date, but oh well. I would have had to miss November if I'd scheduled it then anyway. At least I'll be able to have alcohol at Christmas. Lord knows I'll need it!

It's funny, I called up a friend the other day that I hadn't talked to in a few weeks, and turns out she's going in for a lap soon too (probably sooner than me). She's single and not TTC, but she has cysts that are causing problems. I told her we should get it done on the same day, then she can come to my house to recover and hubs will take care of both of us. :)

So when I told hubs that AF showed up (literally 10 minutes after I got to work, woopee) and that I scheduled the lap, he was so cute. He said he wants to give it our best shot this C so that hopefully I won't even have to get the lap. Well, that's pretty much setting ourselves up for failure, but I'm happy he's so gung-ho. He also asked what he should take to give him super swimmers. I told him he already has super swimmers, I'm the broken one! But seriously, we're going to try really hard to eat healthy and as organic as possible this month. I've been slacking on my vitamins too so I started taking them again. Any tips for fertile foods for either of us? I've heard pineapple for me, vitamin C for him... I don't know what else. Dr. Google, what do you think...?


E said...

Tell him to take vitamin C before he goes to bed. You could take a prenatal vitamin.

Misty Dawn said...

Yay for scheduling the lap and BOO for AF. That sounds about right to me. You could take green tea for CM.

Christina said...

Glad you have your lap scheduled now.

Have your hubby take vitamin C, Zinc, vitamins B6 and B12. Those all made Josh's numbers go waaayyy up.

Emily said...

Step away from the Google!!! :-D

Sorry AF made her appearance... but I'm so glad DH is all geared up for this C! You never know what can happen!

LLnMS said...

My DH started using FertilAid for Men. His numbers in the first SA were normal and then after he started this vitamin, his numbers went WAY up, I'm talking triple and more. He really liked it too, but it needs to be taken with food and it's 3x's a day. Look it up online and it'll give a breakdown of what all is in it.

Allison said...

Uuuuggggh... sorry about AF, Kitty. She sucks.

That's pretty darn cute about your hubs, though!! Hope you don't need that lap!