Mrs. Moody

I don't know what was wrong with me last night, but I was in a terrible mood.

Wait - scratch that. I do know what was wrong.

In the spirit of education, I wandered over to the Endo Support board on WMD and found a post linking to a website called The An.gry Uter.us. If you've never seen it, pretty much it's exactly what it sounds like. It's about endo, and it sounds like it's written by a person who's really angry about it. I'm sure some/a lot/most? of the information on there might be true, but it REALLY freaked me out. It got me thinking that if I have it a LAP it won't help me get pregnant. That I have to immediately cut out all wheat, dairy, red meat and sugar from my diet. And that I need to spend a crapload of money and travel to the ends of the earth to find an endo excision specialist because a regular gyn surgeon just isn't going to cut it (pardon the pun).

Luckily, hubs talked me off of my ledge enough that I decided to modify my googling to just "pregnancy success rates after lap." Much less scary! I found a very lovely medical site with a handy-dandy Q/A-with-the-doctor page. Said doctor quoted the pg success rates after a lap to be between 40 and 65% depending on the severity of the endo, given that all lesions that can be removed are. As far as the diet goes, I am starting to re-evaluate my eating habits, and am making better decisions already. I figure I'll ask my doctor about it and then decide whether I need to follow it implicitly.

I felt better after finding that Q/A page, but I guess that freak-out just ruined my day. I went home in a foul mood, with a tense neck, and for some reason a scratchy throat. Hubs called when he left work and I snapped at him. Then I rolled up a towel under my neck and laid on the floor until he came home, and when he did, he brought roses! Seriously, there's no way I deserve this guy. He then proceeded to take care of me, got me some EmergenC and echinacea in case I was getting sick, and a Xan.ax to help calm me down. And then we watched the Dodgers-Cardinals game together (and the Dodgers kicked butt!). After that I slept like a log.

Let that be a lesson to me - no more researching medical conditions online when I'm at work. (Haha, yeah right. We'll see how long that lasts.)

It's Friday Eve! Anyone else have a three-day weekend?


Anonymous said...

I tried the Endo board on WMD and those girl were a hot mess ! I think that they are worse case scenario...lol.

I believe that changing your dietary habits will help. Maybe just cut out one thing at at time and see how that works.

Dh sounds like a keeper ! Roses...awww!

Lila said...

I do that to myself a lot, that's the reason I don't hope on webmd anymore! I'd either freak myself out, or get depressed lol

E said...

Aww, you are getting freaked out about something you don't even know if you have! There are lots of stages of endometriosis from moderate to severe. The only time it prevents pregnancy is if you have blockages in your tubes or ovaries.

Have you had an HSG yet? I swear that test did something to me. I think I had some small blockages that it "flushed" out because first of all I wanted to scream it hurt so bad and then I got pregnant on the first cycle after it and then after I lost that one I got pregnant easily with this one too which was highly unlike me.

I don't know...just a thought. Dont freak out yet :) (I know easier said than done.)